We are a workers cooperative striving:
  • to create labour models that redistribute profits from the games industry towards gameand interctive media artists
  • to support queer and marginalized people creating games independantly
  • to foster a positive, open and mutually supportive community of collaborators

Our Mission

  • Work with artists and arts organizations to build experimental interactive media art.
  • Act as an ethical extension to games studios in need of project based teams.
  • Reduce the inherent precarity of short-term project contracts.
  • Build and support open source tooling used by the studio and our community.
  • Fund and publish collaborative, Damage-led projects.

Key Experience

  • VR/AR/XR
  • Web design + development
  • Narrative design
  • Illustration
  • Worldbuilding
  • 3D modelling
  • Game development

Studio Goals

  • Create a network in which the labour of the DMG community supports us individually and collectively.

  • Empower free creation within our community.
  • Support artists and game-makers independantly allocating their time between personal creation and economic need.
  • Create opportunities for game, art, and interactive media communities to collaborate with each other and learn through doing.
  • Offer education to new game makers via hands-on work experience.
  • Foster a worker-centric culture of equitable games and interactive media production.
  • Encourage approachable, experimental, interactive technology development within the arts sector.

We're looking for collaborators to build our vision

This is only the beginning. We want to create a distributed cooperative which is built with current and future members, industry partners + those interested in learning from our process. Be involved in the building and launching of Damage Studios.

  • Game-art workers
  • Studios
  • Partners
  • Investors

I'm intersted in: